A Horse for Hanukkah

A Horse for Hanukkah

A Horse for HanukkahMyriam Halberstam

with illustrations by Nancy Cote

for children from 3 years and up
published in november, children´s book, english
ISBN 978-3-9813825-1-8
32 pages, hardcover, retail price 12,90 Euro

Hannah desperately wants a horse of her own. Miraculously her wish comes true for Hanukkah, but Hannah cannot rejoice for very long as Golda, the horse, wreaks havoc in a hilarious unfolding of the Rosenbaum Family´s Hanukkah celebration.

Cover Competition

Cover Competition

Mit diesem Illustrationswettbewerb möchte der Ariella Verlag jungen Illustrator*innen eine Chance geben, sich an einem bereits veröffentlichten Buch für ein Cover auszuprobieren und ihren Entwurf veröffentlicht zu sehen. Gleichzeitig möchten wir – als Verlag für jüdische Kinder- und Jugendliteratur- das Judentum, die jüdische Kultur und die Beschäftigung damit stärker ins Bewusstsein der Gesellschaft und unserer Alltagskultur bringen und somit einen Beitrag leisten zur allseits gewünschten und vielzitierten „Normalität“ zwischen Juden und Nichtjuden in Deutschland.

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Mirjam Pressler

Mirjam Presslergeb. 1940 in Darmstadt, lebt als freie Autorin und Übersetzerin in Landshut. Sie studierte an der Akademie für Bildende Künste in Frankfurt und Sprachen in München und lebte für ein Jahr in einem Kibbuz in Israel. Sie hat drei erwachsene Töchter, die sie nach der Scheidung von ihrem Mann alleine großgezogen hat.

Mirjam Pressler hat mehr als 30 eigene Kinder- und Jugendbücher verfasst, darunter »Bitterschokolade« (Oldenburger Jugendbuchpreis), »Wenn das Glück kommt, muss man ihm einen Stuhl hinstellen« (Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreis), »Malka Mai« (Deutscher Bücherpreis), sowie die Lebensgeschichte der Anne Frank »Ich sehne mich so«. Außerdem hat sie viele Bücher aus dem Niederländischen, Englischen und Hebräischen übersetzt. Für ihre »Verdienste an der deutschen Sprache« wurde sie 2001 mit der Carl-Zuckmayer-Medaille ausgezeichnet, für ihr Gesamtwerk als Übersetzerin mit dem Sonderpreis des Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreises und für ihr Gesamtwerk als Autorin und Übersetzerin 2004 mit dem Deutschen Bücherpreis.


Israel Board Book

Israel Board Book

wimmelbuch-israelThe Author / Illustrator Rachel Shalev
was born in Israel in 1981 where she graduated from the renowned Bezalel Art Academy in 2005. She lives in Kfar Saba, Israel with her Husband and the 2 children.

Publication date: Spring 2014
ISBN: 9783981382587
Price: Euro 12,99
Kategorie: Picture Book, 2+
Pages: 12 pages board book, large size

This unique book takes readers on a colorful, exciting, and entertaining trip through Israel in the Style of “Where´s Waldo”. We experience the lively street cafes and beaches in the bustling city of Tel Aviv and hike through the Galilee, Israel’s green region in the north. We see great diversity at the Jerusalem Market; we visit a Bedouin family in the Negev Desert; we dive with a mother and daughter on the Red Sea coral reefs in Eilat. Through the illustrations and short introductions on the first two pages of the book, the reader is introduced to individuals and small groups of people from all corners of the world. Then, with each turn of the page, one can follow their small adventures as they unfold.

This book opens the door for interactive exploration of Israel and its people. As a family, discuss the illustrations. What is familiar? What couldn’t be found where you live? Which people look most interesting to you? With whom might you like to be friends? If you could place yourself in one of this book’s scenes, where would you be?

You´re not free yet

You´re not free yet

Und frei bist du noch lange nichtAuthor Adriana Stern
was born in 1960 on the dutch border and has crossed borders in every way ever since.
She began writing at 12, ran away from home at 15, joined the squatters movement and lived in various projects in Berlin, Hamburg and Amsterdam. She is an author, social worker and circus pedagogue and teaches creative writing to children and young adults.

Stern writes novels, short stories, poetry, fables as well as essays to highly timely and political themes.
Her published works include: Jockels Schweigen, Hannah und die anderen, as well as: Und dann kam Sunny.

Publication date: August 2016
ISBN: 978-3-945530-08-5
Price: 14,95 Euro
Pages: 376
Ages: 12 and up

Lead by hope, thirteen-year-old Zippi has come to Germany from Azerbaidschan with her Family. Now, in the bleak refugee center just outside of Cologne, everything looks different than her parents had hoped for. For weeks her parents cannot find work and the family´s strong Jewish identity is questioned to the core by the local community who needs to pledge for their status. They are put to a hard test!

Then Zippi meets ten-year-old Saladin who has made his way from Syria through several countries with his older Brother Tarek. Zippi and Saladin become friends and with Zippis kid brother they explore the desolate surroundings of the refugee shelter. They come upon some very shady characters and uncover a dangerous scam. Suddenly, they are in existential danger, as well as all their new friends. A scrupoulous gang of criminals is profiting from the refugee families´ helplessness and threatens to send them back to their war-torn countries.

Together the youngster decide to stop the Bandits. This adventure requires all their courage and strong team work. Will the friends manage to keep all of them in Germany?


Marisha, the Girl from the Barrel

Marisha Das Mädchen aus dem Fass

Marisha Das Mädchen aus dem FassAuthor Gabriele Hannemann
is an English/German and Religion teacher. Since 2004 she teaches the Shoa to grades 4-10 in Schlesweig Holstein, Northern Germany She is founder and President of Yad Ruth e.V. in Hamburg which suports Holocaust-survivors in need in Eastern Europe and Israel.She was awarded the German Federal cross of Merit in 2003 for her commemoration work.

Inbal Leitner
graduated Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem und works as illustrator. and animation artist. With her films she has participated in international Filmfestivals such as Annecy (France), Safo (Canada) und Anima Mundi (Brasil). She illustrates children´s books famous artists, such as Uri Orlev or Janusz Korczak. Inbal Leitner lives with her family in Pardes Channa, Israel.

Publication date: January 2016
ISBN: 978-3-945530-06-1
Price: Euro 12,95

The Gondola with the magic Sword

Die Gondel mit dem magischen Schwert

Die Gondel mit dem magischen Schwert

Rosa Hipp
is an author and painter. She works with highly gifted children in elementary schools. And is founder of the Bezalel-Arts-Project, a special needs integrative workshop for youth and adults. She lives in North Germany.

Publication date: October 2015
ISBN: 9783945530054
Price: 14,99 Euro
Categorie: Young Adult, 10+
Pages: 236

Why Venice?

13 year-old Maja is not thrilled to spend her vacation with her parents visiting her mother´s Italian pen pal in Venice. But the boring trip quickly becomes an adventure when she accidentally travels into the 17th century with Raffael, the pen pal´s teenage son. There they meet Rachel Levy who lives under poor and dangerous circumstances. It is a time when the Lagoon city is a rich and powerful Sea-faring Nation. But Venice is also a place full of secrets and intrigues. Maja, Rachel and Rafael and their friends must proove that Rachel´s father is innocent and uncover a scheme that threatens to blow up Venice´s ships production and with it the security and the future of the Serenissima.

But how will they return to their home here and now?

Bella and the Girl from the Shtetl

Bella und das Mädchen aus dem Schtetl

Bella und das Mädchen aus dem SchtetlAuthor Marina B. Neubert
grew up bilingually German/Russian. She was born in Moscow and lived in San Francisco where she received the “Award of Merit” for her work. She came to Berlin in the 1990s and in 1996 was awarded the Axel-Springer-Prize for her Radio-feature “Memories”. She works as author, literature critic and teaches creative writing.

Illustrator Lina Bodén
was born in Stockholm and received her BA in 2007 from Beckmans College of Design.

Publication date: Spring 2015
ISBN: 978-3-945530047
Price: Euro 12,99
Category: Young Adult, 10+
115 Pages, 3 Illustrations, 2 Photos